Don’t Skip the Move-In or Move-Out Inspection

Don't Skip the Move In or Move Out InspectionOne process you want to get right with managing and maintaining properties is the move-in and move-out process. A few things are obvious, such as collecting a deposit and the space is clean before new tenants move in; and making sure the space is clean and in good repair when tenants move out. The move-in and move-out inspections are key processes that protect the property owner from having to pay for damages out of pocket. All Brevard Property Management explains more about this important process for property managers.

What’s the Most Important Step for Florida Space Coast Property Management?

One dangerous mistake property owners make, is to assume their tenants will treat the space they are renting with the same care and respect the owners would. You shouldn’t assume the worst in tenants, but it’s wise to take a few steps to protect your property and business. 

Don’t skip the move-in inspection

Time fades the memory, but pictures help remind. Take photos of every room that show the condition of the space before your new tenant moves in. Document all repairs and upgrades you make before they move in. 

Photos are helpful if legal disputes arise. However, the most common use of photos is to settle discrepancies in memories. Pictures also serve as a way of creating a checklist before tenants receive their deposit when they move out, as well as evidence the property manager needs to justify deductions for damages.

Document requests and repairs while the tenants are in the space

This log not only provides history on when you completed maintenance on your property but also shows patterns. It is helpful in considering an increase in the rent when it’s time to renew the contract if the tenant generated more upgrades than you anticipated.

Don’t skip the move-out inspection

Tenants move onto new spaces for several reasons and sometimes it’s because they outgrow the space. It’s important to closely inspect a space after a tenant moves out so you can catch all repairs. A good property manager knows the value of inspecting and documenting the condition of a property. They know when it’s time to replace items due to normal wear and tear or whether property damage is due to the tenant’s misuse.

Handling move-in and move-out inspections take time and attention to detail. As a property owner, if you are looking to delegate important tasks like these, contact All Brevard Property Management. Our staff understands the importance of protecting your rights as a property manager and properly maintaining your residential and commercial properties on Florida’s Space Coast. Call us today to learn more.